More musings on Finnish Nuggets

After receiving a reprimand for not posting comments in garagepunk.com, here are some more comments...

Some thoughts and musings on this massive comp, ( I received a copy on 4 discs!)

I dig the fuzz on Hey Hey Hey by Blues Section. The Sax riff in response to the vocal is a bit disconcerting. A pretty heavy tune otherwise.

The Ernos bust a moody move with the track Harha. A hypnotic riffs reels the listener in and then returns to continue pushing the song forward. The vocals are more of a harmonic thing, think these folks were influenced by Mamas & Papas?

The Renegades (Birmingham UK) give a hard, Brummie reading of 13 Women. That organ riff still startles me after a few listens. The dog seems to dig it. The guitar break is punctuated by screams, growls and cymbal bashing. Great tone on the axe. Ace.

Jormas scream it out on the keyboard heavy I Can't Break The Habit. Falcetto vocs provide the counterpoint to the distorto guitar that sludges along.

The Roosters shake a soul feather on thier version of See See Rider. I dig the rolling organ at the bottom of the mix.

Topmost gives the Artwoods a run for the money with their reading of I Keep Foregtting. The guitar break is pretty sweet, but could be tough by either turning up the amp, or hitting a distortion pedal.

The Careless hit the garage pocket with Desolate Time. I dig the accent here. Garage vibe from the North. Drum roll intros the tuff guitar solo. The cymbals are smacked hard as well.

The book that Euphonic assembled is also unbelieveable. After all of the comps that I have bought over the years, this surely has to be one of the most complete. Compilers take note...

I hope to print it, sit down with the comps, with a Belgian Ale and fully get the story of Finnish Nuggets.

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