Sons of Adam Moxie ep

Ah yes, the soothing sounds of The Sons of Adam. Soothing would not realy be a proper adjective with Randy Holden's blistering guitar. Mr Holden is a master.

This ep starts with You're a A Better Man Than I, the Yardbirds track. While most of the performance of the song has little to improve on the original save for Holden's guitar. The break will bend your mind. Lots of strings bending, sustain and speaker rippling feedback.

The Sons cover an Arthur Lee song called Feathered Fish that Love never recorded. Here Randy builds the base for the entire sound. He pounds it out, and the vocals, in a very 66 LA follow the path blazed by his guitar.

Baby show Me The Way was introduced to me from one of those Tony The Tiger comps from 10 years or so ago. This is a hard number with Mr. Holden playing counterpoint to the vocals. He seems to be trying to keep his axe under control, but his youthful energy and chops demand that he let it rip. "Lets move it down, now... Yeah."

The vibe is the MC5 at their most raw, without the politics. Word is genius.
The sound on this ep is pretty rough, obviously "mastered" from the original 45s themselves.

Here is a link to d/l mp3s. Thanks, Lost In Tyme Blog

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