One more

Here is a shot from the other side with the hood sides off. The detail on the FOMOCO small block is pretty amazing. The hoses from the radiator turned out pretty cool. Also, I spent the extra time painting the coilovers and the 9 inch rear end different colors. It seems to make a big difference. By far, the best model that I have assembled.

And Now...

At long last the '32 is done. Here is a pic with the hood and sides on. The hardest part of the model was putting together the front suspension and lever shock on the driver side. The headlights and spreader bar were no picnic, either.


The Page Boys- Does it get better?

The back side to "Sweet Sweet Love" is a monster. Multiple part harmonies, and fuzz guitar from the intro. This is what garage punk is about. "All I want is you..." The distorto guitar break is one that that I would sell my Civic for. I love how the drums come in at the end of the break.

Seriously, anyone want to trade a 2000 Civic for this record?

Like this even better...

See below for context, but the driver of the 56 street rod, must be a fan of all things Ford...
Back in the driveway behind the gold chainer F100, I saw the chopped A coupe that you see above. Some guys have all the fun.

Why am I back in the Midwest?

You have to love a town where a 56 F100 can be your daily driver. While, this example above screams the negative term, "Street Rod," fo me, I am was glad to see it in daily driver use.

The tubbed rear, the glass one piece front end and the robin's egg paint job are problematic... but still.


The Krels

Dammit! It is records like this that keep me alive. No, I don't have a copy of this disc as I am sure that it is at least US$500.00. Obviously way out of the cratedigger budget.

"PsyCHO DEL EEQ Feeeeeling" Yes! After the events of today, I could not agree more. "When you hear the sound, it drives you on." Indeed.

"Way Back in the Jungle, Way back in the Sticks"

Through the sheer generosity of a record collector, I was able to secure a high fidelity digital copy. It sounds top notch on the old AR 2s from 1966.


Friday- Madison WI

I took Friday off and drove to Madison WI in search of garage records.
I made it to only one place, but had a decent score. Here are the records that I got:

2 copies of Music Machine "Talk Talk" Original Sound 61
Tornadoes "Telestar" London 11003
The Fendermen "Muleskinner Blues" Soma 1137
Stillroven "Hey Joe" Roulette 4748
Count Five "Psychotic Reaction" Double Shot 104 (unplayed original copy)
Ohio Express "He's Not Comin' Home" Buddha
Box Tops "The Letter" Mala 565

I am not too sure what made me pick up The Box Tops, the song still makes me laugh.


Starting to look like a hot rod

I assembled the front and rear ends and attached them to the chassis. The front shocks were pretty tough to get in place. I elected to wait to put the rest of the wish bones and stabilizer bars on at a later time. Things are going well and I don't want to screw it up.

Notice the Duvel in a Delirium glass in the upper right of the picture...


Frame is done, so is the front end and rear end

The pic to the left shows the completed frame. The front end is to the right, the rear end is to the left. The origin of the frame should be obvious at this point.

In the foreground, you will notice the rear shocks, the steering box and the drive shaft is to the lower right.

My modeling skills appear to be improving at least over the Mustang model from a while back.


More is unveiled

Other than the fact that I have placed the small block Ford motor into the chassis upside down (the K member needs a chance to dry),
This should be a lot more obvious as to the identity as opposed to the non picture that I posted last night.
As a whole this project is coming together nicely. I am really considering leaving the window(s) off this project as they seem to be my downfall with each kit that I have assembled.


Loos Foos and The Fiberglass Cornflake tonight's song

I got a comp in the mail a while back.
Loos Foos starts out the comp with their track, "Bless Me Father."
The song starts with the line,"Bless me Father For I have Sinned, and these are my sins" with a haunting organ underneath. It then breaks into a mid-tempo stomp.
It contains some pretty warped guitar- very distorted, wah-wah?
The organ drives it along. "This is the reason for my confession" say Loos Foos before the guitar break.
It looks like they are from New England. I don't have any other info on the band. Essential.

Another night, another project

This horrible picture to the right is a clue to what my next model project is. The out of focus object in the project vise is painted a distinctive blue color. This should be a subtle clue for where I am going.


66 Malibu is complete

Finito Tito!
Not sure why the photo is out of focus, but the car is done.
Wait till you see what is on deck!

I have arrived!

Now I can finally staple my TPS reports with an authentic red, Swingline 747 stapler. While the large digi photo to the left suggests an orange tone, please be assured that it is a true red.

I am absolutely sure that Milton would approve.

I would like to dedicate this post to Dr. Pepper. You figure out why.

Here is the real car that I need

All I would need to do is paint this and throw some astro supremes, or torque thrusts...

Above pic from the most awesome Hooptyrides blog.

Malibu- Almost Done

I have completed 95% of the Malibu. I need to add the rest of the chrome trim- rockers, door handles, etc.

It seems as if the wagon has more of a rake, due to my "assembly" of the front suspension. The wheels with the disc brakes behind them look pretty cool.

I think I need to find a mid '60s chevy wagon to drive this summer.