Track of the day- Outcasts "Set Me Free"

I have heard this before, but due to a quiz posted on the garagepunk forums, I got to hear this in a blistering form.

The leader of this track with cymbal crashes, jangle guitar and organ really builds into the vocal.

The bass underneath produces some nice rumble on the speakers as well. Seems that the bassist is running up and down the neck.

"Tonight I am going to have to say goodbye... Set Me Free"

The drum outro provides an excellent coda.

The flip "You'd Be Surprised" is more of a jangler, also worth seeking out.

I am excited to make some tube upgrades to the reference system to hear tracks like this one in even greater fidelity.

Many thanks to bosshoss for sharing this masterpiece.


More garage sale tunes

Over the weekend, I scored some more music. While none of it can be remotely classified as garage, I feel that it is all good music.

At one sale I scored The Temptations Greatest Hits v.2 for $.50 on a mint cd. I mainly bought it for "Ball of Confusion," my all time fave Tempts track. I found that I liked other more out there tracks as well, such as "Psychedelic Shack" and "Cloud Nine." Pretty tough, over-produced soul into funk with a message. I would recommend it for your next outdoor party.

At another sale I scored a mint lp of the Tempts Greatet Hits v.1 from 1966. I personally prefer the later stuff to classics contained on this lp like "My Girl" and "Since I Lost My Baby." Having a testimonial from the Cos on the back cover wins points with me though.

At the same sale I scored mint copies of the following, Marvin Gaye "Live at the London Palladium," Marvin Gaye "I Want You," and Waylon Jennings"Ol Waylon."

The grand total for the 4 mint lps was $1!!!

Even though I am not a huge Marvin G fan, the lps seemed worth getting. I have not dug deep into the Waylon lp, but I did listen to "I Think I'm Gonna Kill Myself." I guess this is why he is considered Outlaw Country.

Latest implement find

No, it not a bike, a vintage car or some other cool old conveyance.

I scored a Scott manual mower over the weekend. I have been looking for one for a number of years.

My budget and my common sense has limited me budget-wise to $10 for a purchase. I bargained the former owner down to $8 for this beauty.

Look at the patina. The section in the center is a mowing height adjustment knob.

I used my can of WD-40 and lubed all of the obvious areas, and gave it a test on my front lawn. It seemed to work pretty good.

It is pretty cool. It doesn't make any noise, as it is a "Silent Scott" model. I believe it to be built in the early to mid '60s. The mower is made of heavy gauge steel and really holds its' line down the lawn due to its mass.

I think that I am going to sharpen the blades with my old yell0w sharpener from WalMart. We will see how that works.


Wha Happen?

Wha Happen?, originally uploaded by tinsoldier.

For whatever reason, I think this captures the essence of a wonderful 94 degree afternoon in southern Wisconsin in mid June.

Gimme Drag Racing!

can you believe they go 9 sec in the 1/4 mile?

What the hell? They go into the 10s, but that is mighty fast for a snowmobile, I think.

These sleds are loud and quick. They sound like strangled ducks when they make their passes. The riders drive em like they stole em.

Notice the little dual wheels on the skis and the chain for "safety." I am not sure what mods they do to the belts.

These riders make drag bikers look normal.

Coupe with ugly paint job

This coupe had a gross paint job. I can't deal with this style. It was pretty quick. It also had a tiny For Sale sign on one of the rear windows, "$...,000,000. Clever.

37 Willys?

I believe that Plum Crazy is a 37 Willys... Whatever it is, it is cool even if it is made of glass. Dude can turn some wicked smoky burnouts. Look at the headers snaking out onto the running boards... Notice the modern funny car style roof vent. Post burn out, the vent in addition to the open door, is used to cool the air in the cockpit.

Gary's 69 Barracuda

Gary's 69 Barracuda, originally uploaded by tinsoldier.

I met this old guy named Gary at Great Lakes Dragaway on Saturday. He could see that I had some genuine interest in his ride as well as in drag racing in general.

The name of his ride is My Last Buck.

He walked me around his '69. He said that he is running a Dana 60 for the rear end and that he and his wife put in the tranny. He even let me open the door. One of his sons painted it, without the doors on it, so the shade is a bit off. I told him that it was a hot rod that gets raced. I think that he liked that.

I was hoping to get to sit in it. Maybe next time.

He lets his kids take it down the strip when they aren't pullin 9s on snowmobiles!

People like Gary make me want to move it to the next level-- from spectator to Racer.


Some recent digging

Turned up the following 45s: Albert King "Born Under a Bad Sign" Stax 217, Small Faces "Itchycoo Park" Immediate 501 and Edwin Starr "Agent Double O Soul" Ric-Tic 103.

Other stuff that I have been listening to in the garage area includes both the 3 cdr set from Lance Records and the cdr comp "Music For Abnormal People." Both were garnered via trades. Viva la revolution musique de l'internet!

The Cratedigger HQ has been pumping out the tunes recently. I have been trying to conserve some energy as I have my first bike ride tomorrow which will be at least 30 miles.

Might as well shake it in the meantime.

The winner in my eyes...

mod lammy, originally uploaded by tinsoldier.

This was my choice for the winner of best scoot at the Design Within Reach Scooter Show. It was held in concert with Mod Chicago 2006. This Lambretta is definitely a mod scoot.

I didn't hang around long enough to see which scooter won the judging.

mod lammy pov shot

mod lammy pov shot, originally uploaded by tinsoldier.

From the recent Design within Reach, Scooter Show and Opening, comes this rad POV shot of a TV (I believe, not so hot with my 'Bretta spotting). Check out the stadium mirrors.

Rad Brookville Deuce grille shell

PICT0191, originally uploaded by tinsoldier.

Could this be the coolest repro grille shell?
Methinks so.
On close inspection, the viewer will notice that the Poncho logo has been sunk into the bullnose region of said shell.
Andy showed me how a plastic Pontiac logo (from an old T/A???) fits right into the little recess. Cool blue primer, too.
Tres cool.

Jaguar detail

PICT0184, originally uploaded by tinsoldier.

Andy is adding a cool detail to Iowahawk's 31 Coupe. For a gas filler, he found an old Jaguar cap. This car is going to be smooth.

Hot Wheel!!!

PICT0188, originally uploaded by tinsoldier.

At last week's pilgrimage to Sycamore IL's, finest hot rod shop, Marty's and Sons, I found this severely channeled A Coupe. The Halibrand mag wheel with the cheater slick caught my eye. Hot Wheel, Baby!