Latest implement find

No, it not a bike, a vintage car or some other cool old conveyance.

I scored a Scott manual mower over the weekend. I have been looking for one for a number of years.

My budget and my common sense has limited me budget-wise to $10 for a purchase. I bargained the former owner down to $8 for this beauty.

Look at the patina. The section in the center is a mowing height adjustment knob.

I used my can of WD-40 and lubed all of the obvious areas, and gave it a test on my front lawn. It seemed to work pretty good.

It is pretty cool. It doesn't make any noise, as it is a "Silent Scott" model. I believe it to be built in the early to mid '60s. The mower is made of heavy gauge steel and really holds its' line down the lawn due to its mass.

I think that I am going to sharpen the blades with my old yell0w sharpener from WalMart. We will see how that works.

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Anonymous said...

Great deal. I just came across the very same mower today and paid $35.
This sturdy guy seems a lot more solid than the $100 jobs that can be purchased new. I love the adjustable height setting...the best I've seen. I used to have a similar Scott mower but you had to step on tabs on the inside of the wheels and could only adjust to one of 5 settings. This Silent Scott is a breeze. Cuts like a sharp pair of scissors.