More garage sale tunes

Over the weekend, I scored some more music. While none of it can be remotely classified as garage, I feel that it is all good music.

At one sale I scored The Temptations Greatest Hits v.2 for $.50 on a mint cd. I mainly bought it for "Ball of Confusion," my all time fave Tempts track. I found that I liked other more out there tracks as well, such as "Psychedelic Shack" and "Cloud Nine." Pretty tough, over-produced soul into funk with a message. I would recommend it for your next outdoor party.

At another sale I scored a mint lp of the Tempts Greatet Hits v.1 from 1966. I personally prefer the later stuff to classics contained on this lp like "My Girl" and "Since I Lost My Baby." Having a testimonial from the Cos on the back cover wins points with me though.

At the same sale I scored mint copies of the following, Marvin Gaye "Live at the London Palladium," Marvin Gaye "I Want You," and Waylon Jennings"Ol Waylon."

The grand total for the 4 mint lps was $1!!!

Even though I am not a huge Marvin G fan, the lps seemed worth getting. I have not dug deep into the Waylon lp, but I did listen to "I Think I'm Gonna Kill Myself." I guess this is why he is considered Outlaw Country.

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