Back From the Depths..

It has been a while since I posted.

I have gotten the 66 Mustang out, most recently in honor of Earth Day. I had to make sure that I burned plenty of dinosaur juice for the occasion.

I went to a record show last week. Before I entered, I suspiciously inquired whether there was any vinyl inside the show. The answer was that there was only cds... What kind of record show is that?

I Raleigh 3 speeded to a garage sale yesterday that had tons of cool old stuff. I picked up a Kingsmen single on East West "Weekend" b/w "Better Believe It." Not sure if this is the Kingsmen that you would think of... Calling this 45 R&B would be a stretch in my book.

I saw a mid 60s ladies Hercules 3 speed in pretty good shape that I had to restrain myself fomr buying... It had stainless steel fenders that would have looked really cool on a future Raleigh build.

I have been keeping my ears filled with cdrs containing ripe 45 sides, like "Looking At You" by The MC5 and a fresh transfer of "Baby Show The World"by The Sons of Adam. My song of the day is definitely "ESP" by The Beaver Patrol done to the tune of "LSD" by The Pretty Things.


1932 Ford Coupe

Here is a 3/4 profile shot. It is crazy what this original tin now costs, but this was the most original, un messed with Deuce that I have ever seen.

It needs a new floor, trunk and door skins, but the original 1932 frame seemed pretty solid.

One could spend a lot of money chopping this coupe, dropping a motor in and cleaning up the body, but I think the end result would out weigh any of the interim costs.

The fact that this car has had nothing done to it (save a filled roof in the 1950's perhaps), lends a huge amount of value to the car in my opinion. View this Deuce as a blank canvas.

Chop and Hop Up!

yesterday's adventure with Iowa Hawk

I received a couple of voice mails yesterday morning from IowaHawk.

He mentioned that he had something in mind for us to go look at in the afternoon. The picture at right should give the student of classic American hot rods an idea about what he was talking about.

We left el Rancho Norte del Hawk at around 2 PM. We had a bit of a drive ahead of us...

No help to google maps, with its lack of detail in either including street names or exits from 90, it made our expedition more difficult. After overshooting our exit and using advanced math and cartographic deciphering skills, we were able to find our destination in the hilly environs of Northern Illinois.

As you can probably determine, the object of the quest was a 1932 Ford.


Tidal Waves-find of the week

The Tidal Waves "She Left Me All Alone" HBR 482
Here is a moody downbeat number that I have heard on various comp cdrs. I came across it at The Loyola Record Swap. I believe that they later became The Unrelated Segments.

The flip is actually a pretty rockin' take on "Farmer John," not one of my favorite compositions.

To counter a recent conversation on garagepunk.com, the Garage Punk Forum CDs did nothing for me other than make me want the original vinyl discs even more than I did before. Reissues generally suck sound wise, esp. if they are on CD. The forum CDs have better sound as they are "mastered" from original discs.

But to hear a garage punker in its glory requires the original disc in either good or scratchy shape-- hence more digging for discs!


Vestax in action-spinning Bob Seger System

Welcome to Madison

Welcome to Madison WI.
This has to be my favorite sign of my recent visit.

Last Batch

Last Batch:
Patti Smith "Because The Night"
Ike & Tina "Proud Mary"

More juke box fodder

More juke box fodder:

Kingsmen "The Jolly Green Giant"
Blues Magoos "We Aint Got Nothin Yet"
Bob Seger System "Ramblin' Gamblin' Man"
Crickets "Not Fade Away'

Some juke box scores from MadTown

Some juke box scores:

Crazy World of Arthur Brown "Fire"
Yardbirds "For Your Love"
Ohio Express "Roll It Up"
Zombies "Time of The Season"

Freak out in MadTown

I spent some time in Madison over the weekend.

I would have to say that I scored!

I always wanted a copy of Freak Out!
Like the Copy of Joe's Garage, a week back, it spoke to me. $10 later and I am shooting digi photos in Motel 6.