Tidal Waves-find of the week

The Tidal Waves "She Left Me All Alone" HBR 482
Here is a moody downbeat number that I have heard on various comp cdrs. I came across it at The Loyola Record Swap. I believe that they later became The Unrelated Segments.

The flip is actually a pretty rockin' take on "Farmer John," not one of my favorite compositions.

To counter a recent conversation on garagepunk.com, the Garage Punk Forum CDs did nothing for me other than make me want the original vinyl discs even more than I did before. Reissues generally suck sound wise, esp. if they are on CD. The forum CDs have better sound as they are "mastered" from original discs.

But to hear a garage punker in its glory requires the original disc in either good or scratchy shape-- hence more digging for discs!


Anonymous said...

Nope! The Tidalwaves actually didnt turn into the Unrelated Segments although they were friends.They were made up of brothers Tom and Jon Wearing,Robert Slap,Mark Karpinski,and Vic Witkowski all went to school together in a Detroit suburb.Most stayed in the business and had reasonable success.

Anonymous said...

So nice to see someone actually listed the right members of the Tidalwaves.Ive heard of so many people claiming membership that were not.Victor Witkowski/Guitar and vocals,Mark Karpinski/Lead Guitar and vocals,Robert Slap/Bass Guitar and vocals,Rockin Jonny Deluxe Wearing Lead vocals,and Tommy Wearing/Drums and vocals.

Rich Wearing said...

I am deeply saddened to share that Jonny Wearing,lead vocalist with the Tidalwaves passed in January of 2009.Before his passing,Jonny went on to record with Frijid Pink,and Deluxe,the band cofounded with Dallas Hodge whom later went on to perform with various stars such as Bonnie Raitt and Canned Heat.Rich Wearing

Detroit Pete said...

Farmer John was the "hit" side - it got on Detroit radio and made the Tidal Waves'. I agree it's not a great song and it had just been a hit for the Premiers a couple years prior.