Back From the Depths..

It has been a while since I posted.

I have gotten the 66 Mustang out, most recently in honor of Earth Day. I had to make sure that I burned plenty of dinosaur juice for the occasion.

I went to a record show last week. Before I entered, I suspiciously inquired whether there was any vinyl inside the show. The answer was that there was only cds... What kind of record show is that?

I Raleigh 3 speeded to a garage sale yesterday that had tons of cool old stuff. I picked up a Kingsmen single on East West "Weekend" b/w "Better Believe It." Not sure if this is the Kingsmen that you would think of... Calling this 45 R&B would be a stretch in my book.

I saw a mid 60s ladies Hercules 3 speed in pretty good shape that I had to restrain myself fomr buying... It had stainless steel fenders that would have looked really cool on a future Raleigh build.

I have been keeping my ears filled with cdrs containing ripe 45 sides, like "Looking At You" by The MC5 and a fresh transfer of "Baby Show The World"by The Sons of Adam. My song of the day is definitely "ESP" by The Beaver Patrol done to the tune of "LSD" by The Pretty Things.

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