Gary's 69 Barracuda

Gary's 69 Barracuda, originally uploaded by tinsoldier.

I met this old guy named Gary at Great Lakes Dragaway on Saturday. He could see that I had some genuine interest in his ride as well as in drag racing in general.

The name of his ride is My Last Buck.

He walked me around his '69. He said that he is running a Dana 60 for the rear end and that he and his wife put in the tranny. He even let me open the door. One of his sons painted it, without the doors on it, so the shade is a bit off. I told him that it was a hot rod that gets raced. I think that he liked that.

I was hoping to get to sit in it. Maybe next time.

He lets his kids take it down the strip when they aren't pullin 9s on snowmobiles!

People like Gary make me want to move it to the next level-- from spectator to Racer.

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