Loos Foos and The Fiberglass Cornflake tonight's song

I got a comp in the mail a while back.
Loos Foos starts out the comp with their track, "Bless Me Father."
The song starts with the line,"Bless me Father For I have Sinned, and these are my sins" with a haunting organ underneath. It then breaks into a mid-tempo stomp.
It contains some pretty warped guitar- very distorted, wah-wah?
The organ drives it along. "This is the reason for my confession" say Loos Foos before the guitar break.
It looks like they are from New England. I don't have any other info on the band. Essential.


Expo67 said...


I've got this 45 and intend to scan the label for my blog.

Really entertaining blog you've got here.
Keep checking mine for updates and occasional 'offers' of one off CDR trades.


JPB said...

hey there,

was at the beach yesterday with my dad and ran into eddie foos (of loos foos and the fiberglass cornflake) took a photo with em, my dad and him go way back, father played drums with eddie for years...i was curious if you had an mp3 of any of their stuff...trying to connect my fathers memories, thanks!