Handbraking weather

Well, to say that I am a fan of my daily driver whip would be the overstatement of early 2007.

My tonda shivic is quite excellent in the weather as experienced today. We received an inch or so of snow that fell at around 30 degrees, so that the snow was both slippery and fun. This is where the car shines, and I enjoy it the most, outside of the built in reliability.

Here are the main important features of the car:

1. The car is pretty light.
2. The car is front wheel drive.
3. Said shivic has a handbrake (even though it is a 4 speed lame o auto tranny.)

I enjoyed going to a local mall with Cratedigger Sr. holding onto the chicken bar on the headliner, and plunging over the snowplow "drifts" at the edge of each parking row. The look on pop's face was quite priceless as he screamed, "Craaaaaaaaatediggeeeeeeeeerrrrrrr Watch It!"

Another fun routine was forcing the vehicle into right angle turns, by taking my foot off the throttle and then pulling the handbrake, thus slowing front wheel spin whilst at the same time locking the rear brake drums, and jerking the steering wheel in the direction of intended turn.

I really should have taken some shots of the right angle turns in the slush. Good times.

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