Damm GarageBand is Baaad

Thanks to some of the persistence of one of my bros, I have been abusing the mac program GarageBand. The claw knows...

I have found it incredibly entertaining to abuse the tunes around the house and fill the system with some discombobulating noise. Just drop the noise into iTunes and then find it in GB and bring it in. I am thinking that putting it back out should be just as easy. So far I ahave been mixing live and hurting my garage sale amplification. One of my "tracks" is getting closer to the point that I may be able to record it soon.

Some of my faves are pretty mainstream funk dusties, then busting fills with Dutch noise. I may be onto something, or I may just be lame. But it doesn't matter really.

The program has an extremely easy learning curve. I really know nothing about sound, but GB makes it very easy to make edits, cuts, loops, and add extra tracks without much skill required. I can't believe how much fun this has been, maybe more fun than my tascam 4 track 15 years back.

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