DJ Shadow Psych Mix

I have been spending time in the cut/paste/edit/repeat zone as noted in recent posts. I finally got around to downloading the DJ Shadow psych mix as discussed on the yahoo group U-Spaces. I have to admit to being a lurker in that group...

This has been of interest to me for awhile, but my MP3 aversion is hard to overcome. I can't pull many of the songs that Shadow uses here, but I did recognize an Alexis Korner record used on the first track, as well as a Zappa voice over, "Suzy Creamcheese, where are you?" I do believe that is from the Mothers' Freak Out record.

For me the source records are not the most interesting part of this sound collage. The film strip from 7th grade sound quality of some of the sampled voice overs is of most interest. In fact some of the snips remind me of real experimental/industrial (not waxtrax) from the 80s. I wish I still had some of those tapes... The snips make mention of UFOs and other appropriate spaced out subject material that well accompanies the light headed feeling that the listener will get from jamming this. The sum of the parts, is much greater as a cliche.

The build from some unknown (to me) record at 4 minutes into track five, would be a great sound track to pumping the pedals up a large uphill ascent on your old roadbike. Then it breaks into "I am so tired and I don't know who I am..." A melancholy come down, go buy a farm in the country, hippie. There was some sound collage here also, but hard for me to make out at volume. Nice touch on the sampled loc groove at the end, scratches and all.

The sound quality is dodgy as I doubt this was ever very hifi and the source>aiff>mp3>aiff sound path has not helped on the highs in the sound spectrum. But I enjoyed splitting my wig to it nonetheless.

Not much in the scratching arena is in evidence here, but there are tons of edits, of that I am sure.

I found this collection of tracks to be highly effective, in additon to my homebrew espresso, to get the Sunday going.

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