AR + Machines Echo

What have I been up to? I have been getting lost in the Interzone of cut up music and distorted internet culture. Old WSB's ears may hurt from this $h!T, but he would surely get it from the creative and production level.

Take for example, the double record, AR+ Machines. Apparently, this is a Krautrock masterpiece that will "Never" see the light of day in a proper cd reissue. So the FLAC files that I decoded and burned to a couple of cdrs will be as good as it gets.

The dude behind this release is pictured above. His name is Achim Reichel and he used to be in the Rattles, a beat band with whom I am somewhat familiar. This record is firmly in the progkrautrockcamp. As illustrated in the pic above, Herr Reichel, likes to abuse the Strat and the tape loops. There are even some floot loops on one of the tracks.

Echo is one of those releases that you can put on and start the coffee and go about your Saturday morning, and the noise will put you into an oddly creative mood. I think that volume will make a big difference in what your personal takeaway is from the record.

It is almost useless to out write Julian Cope in regards to this record. He seems to get his Freak On about Echo.

AR+Machines abuses the tape loops and edits and uses phasing in such a way that it makes me wonder where I put my Fripp and Eno records. The mood goes from outer space to inner space and back again. I think that I will listen to this on the headphones the next time that I am on a plane.

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Anonymous said...

ehrmmm..... Very nice post, but do you actually have the files? Cheers, MPM