Captain Beefheart Bat Chain Puller

This unreleased album from 76 comes my way via the mail. I am not sure why Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band never released this one. But thank you, internet.

The title track that leads this off, makes me say, "What an astonishingly odd way to start a record."

The harmonica "tone" that came out of the speakers gave my dog the inclination to do a double take. Sounded like wounded young elephant.

Maybe as I listen to this I am beinning to understand why this is lost. The third track, Harry Irene with it's sing songy vocals and whistle solo, really makes me this of one Jim Croce. Sorry, Captain.

Poop Hatch, while being a wierd Beefheartian spoken word piece, just kind of sucks.

Bat Chain Puller redeems itself with the track Brickbats. Lots of skronkity skronk horns dueling with some sloppy drums playing in an uncountable time signature. Surely those AZ pizza hut employees the Sun City Girls modeled their music in that style.

Not his strongest effort. I guess the hardest part is getting past Van Vliet's singing style. His famous multi octave voice is nary in view.

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