Tribute to WSB and Jajouka

After spending many a college afternoon in the WSB archives at ASU, I have been extremely interested in the thought process developed by him. I won't bore you with more details because he has been discussed to death.

The cut up methodology has been a fave forever, especially the short WSB/Anthony Balch film of the same name.

I also discovered the "4000 year old rock band sound" of Jajouka since I took the Brian Jones record in on trade at a record store that I used to manage. Later that year the Axiom Jajouka release came out and I spun that disc incessantly for personal enjoyment and also as a way to keep the patrons of said store under control. That Adcom speaker controller was put to very good use...

So I felt that after all these years it was time to do a tribute both to WSB and the mighty Jajouka.

Here is a "remix" of Talaha.

Thank so for inspiration both to the Cabinet (and all of the revelant members) as well as my #1 Bro EJ.

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