Chicago Car Show 2007

Well, back to some motor vehicle related adventures. I ventured to the 2007 Chicago Car Show to combat both the winter cabin fever as well as the lack of car related fun that I have been having the last few months.

The highlights for me were seeing the Lexus ISF, which seems to be a pretty hot ride if you are into killing m series beamers, the 2008 xB from Scion, and then my real faves were all of the FOMOCO related stuff, including Mario Andretti's Ford, the various modern Cobras and the GT40.

Pictured above, Toyota had a sleek prototype hybrid, and a ragtop line extension of the popular FJ Cruiser. I also had to get a pic of the 300 hp version of the Honda k20 motor in the new SI Coupe. Jeep had an interesting track showing off its vehicles' offroading abilities.

I can testify that at least the old Wrangler could do anything off road, and it looks like its ugly modern relatives can do so as well.

All in all a great day followed by some record purchases as well as a tasty vegan meal at the Chicago Diner.

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