Maceo US People Records

I came across this LP at Dusty Groove, and while being a bit scared off a bit by the cover, I took a flyer. (Hard to say that buying any early 70s JB related disc is a risk, but still.)

I dig on the spring tremolo tone that starts out side 1. But of course, the track dives right into a Maceo solo. The track is Soul Power 74 and has a little baby crying sound in the background and features a most percolating bassline.

Then Paarty makes its first appearance, as it becomes a refrain between the tracks on this long player. This is another monster with seemingly improv riffs over a tight groove. I think to myself, this reissue sounds great!

Show and Tell takes it down quite a few notches a sensitive sound. This one doesn't do it for me with its female backing vocals.

Then Maceo in the ghetto brother, JB led raps between the grooves before Drowning in the Seas starts. This is another slow track, but it is growing on me with repeated listens. Some nice percussion touches are put in the mix- building to some oddball strings and Moogish wanks underneath Maceo's horn.

Side 2 starts out with a Maceo lead but this one is a bit sappy for my taste. It may be the strings underneath everything else in the mix. A minute or so in, things take off with weird o panning effects and sound effects thus redeeming the song by bathing the music in a sea of wah wah.

Maceo, we want to go to the ghetto brother, where you were born...

Nothing need be said about Doing It To Death, although the flute line and lead over the guitar licks and bedrock bassline gives a choice layered effect. Higher, yes indeed.

The centerpiece and the final track on the record is the 10.37 Soul Of A Black Man, featuring vocals by JB- The Minister of New New Super Heavy Funk. Excellent use of a woodblock under Mr. Brown's spoken intro. This track is like a conversation between JB and Maceo. "Maceo, you're my Brother, play us a little bit more. That's the soul of a black man.

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