Expedit Record Rack

Above, is a shot of my new Ikea Expedit Record Shelf. Thanks to A. Toots, I now have a wall unit that will (hopefully) hold my LPs. A side benefit is that I will now be able to have all of my 12 inchers in one room. I am psyched!

Putting the large Expedit together is a definite job for 2 strong people. It is pretty heavy and very unwieldy to hoist up on the wall. I also put some bolts into the wall on both the upper left and upper right to hold the unit once it starts getting loaded up with vinyl. The unit itself seems to be very sturdy and judging by all of the shots that I have seen on the internets with Expedits holding other collections, I think that I should be fine.

By the standards of most, I don't have all that many records, but it is always a challenge to keep everything in order.

Also notice my Robt. Williams litho and the Coffy poster on the other wall.

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