Herbie Mann Memphis Underground

Ever since I found a cop of Push Push at a yard sale a year or more back, I have been getting into Herbie Mann. Meaning, I pick up his stuff whenever I can.

I found the LP Memphis Underground in a budget section of a record shop a couple of weeks back. It was $.99. How could I pass it up?

Herbie just wails, starting on the first track, which is the title track. Roy Ayers provides a nice accompaniment with his tasteful use of the vibes. At times the guitar provided by (I am guessing) Sonny Sharrock provides an excellent counterpoint. Some nice sustain and distortion rages there.

The cover version of Hold On I'm Coming is interesting as well. Mann takes the vocal lead with his soulful flute. The band behind him builds a strut base from which he riffs. There is a killer drum break with Herbie just going crazy over it. Solid. Towards the end, Mr. Sharrock lifts off into a dissonant orbit. I was not really expecting the track to come unhinged like that. Tons of skronkity, string bending and stretching is in effect.

Chain of Fools starts the second side. More of a swamp feel. When the fuzzed out guitars start to ring of Mr. Ayres vibes, there is a decidedly acid rock feel going on. This LP is from 69, so I guess that makes sense.

The set ender, The Battle Hymn of The Republic, loses me a bit, though. Over all, this is a solid set, and if you have been reading this far, I am sure that you need to get a copy of your very own. I have uploaded a track to give you a taste for what you are in for. Enjoy!

Hold On I'm Comin' Herbie Mann


Jason X said...

Hello Friend,
The tangled web of blogs lead me to ever more interesting site. I'm glad I found ya, and hey, we got some serious crate diggin' in common. I'm gonna add you to my Blog list of friends.
Jason X

rb said...

Hey Jason,
I added you to my blogroll as well. I have been under the weather, but once I am on the mend, I will spend more time on your blog.