A Guest Mix--Vincent from Fufu Stew Stops By

One of my all time favorite blogs is Fufu Stew. Vincent The Soul Chef hails from Baltimore and knows how to throw the soul and funk down. His crates are DEEP. Vincent has been an inspiration as well as a constant well wisher and supportive of all of my efforts here at Cratedigger.

I am honored to have him back for a visit in the form of a guest mix. I look forward to meeting up in person at some point to spin the wheels of steel here in the Chicago area or in Baltimore. But until then, let the music play...

Hello, kiddies.
Once again it's an extreme pleasure to hang out here at Cratedigger Labs, although it's only in the virtual sense for now. One of these days I'll make it up to Chicago and get to see the place with my own eyes...
This time I come armed with another mixed bag of 45s for your dining and dancing pleasure. While the working title of the mix is More Of Fufu Stew's Warmed Over Leftovers, only a few of the records here have been previously featured in earlier mixes. In most cases, I've flipped records over or pulled out stuff that I haven't heard in quite some time... Grab a plateful and eat up y'all!
01 Uhhh-Dyke & The Blazers (Original Sound). Even with the extreme vinyl burn, I couldn't resist opening up the set with this killer march...
02 Go For What You Know-Archie Bell & The Drells (Atlantic). Here's a nice Gamble-Huff porduction that's not too hard to come by.
03 Try Me-Syl Johnson (Twilight). This is by far one of the great unsung heroes of the Soul genre. One day I'll have to do a handmade entree featuring this great voice, but now you can enjoy one of his earliest singles.
04 Get It (Come On And Get It)-Jay Dee Bryant (Enjoy). I featured this one when I spun up in New Jersey back in November and on an old mix that I may have to rescue from the recycle bin...
05 Cloud Nine-Edwin Starr (Gordy). Seems like everyone covers this Whitfield / Strong standard. I picked this one up in the field a few months back. I especially dig the acoustic guitar intro.
06 Do What You Wanna-Ramsey Lewis (Cadet). Here's a 45 that I've been rocking since I was a child. I will forever thank my dear mother for letting me have her old records...
07 You Ain't Ready-Lou Courtney (Riverside). Lou Courtney is my hero...
08 Different Strokes For Different Folks-Alvin Cash (Mar V Lus) ...so is Alvin Cash!
09 My Wife My Dog My Cat-Maskman & The Agents (Dynamo). This is one funny (and funky) 45, donated by my good friend Rob. You've gotta dig the story being told in between head nods.
10 More Sweet Soul Music-Arthur Conley (Capricorn). Here's the sequel to Mr. Conley's masterpiece, circa 1972
11 Six To Go-Willie Mitchell (Hi). Any time I find Poppa Willie in the field, I always plunk down my coin. This one is a nice mellow selection from
12 Soul Affection-The Interpretations (Bell). Thanks to the mighty Larry Grogan for selling me this rarity. I used the flip side on my Talkin' Loud And Saying Nothing mix back in December.
13 Mighty Mighty Children Unite Yourself This Hour Pt. 2-Baby Huey & The Baby Sitters (Curtom). Dig the light banter between Huey and the audience on this rework of Curtis Mayfield's classic tune.
14 Flower Power-The Sandpebbles (Calla). Another donation from my friend Rob...
15 Girdle Up (Instrumental)-Andre Williams (Checker)
16 Universal Prisoner-Teddy Washington & Sweet Happenings (Tee).
Here's the other side of the 45 that I donated to HeavySoulBrutha's World Soul Spectacular several weeks back.
17 Viva La Raza-El Chicano (Kapp). These guys certainly give Santana a run for their money on this one. I first featured this one at Fufu Snax.
18 Baby Rice-Paul Humphrey & His Cool Aid Chemists (Lizard). It occured to me after this mix was finished that I used it in the first volume of Warmed Over Leftovers. All I can say is that the tune is so nice, I had to play it twice. Besides, I just love the twin guitar assault from David T. Walker...
19 Every Brother Ain't A Brother-Gary Byrd (Real Thing).
This soapbox moment comes courtesy of DJ Bluewater during one of my journeys to Jersey. I really hope I can get up there again for another funk filled installment of the Asbury Park 45 Sessions soon...
20 Don't Scratch Where It Don't Itch-100 Proof Aged In Soul (Hot Wax). I pulled this one from the back of the crates... There's lots of 45s that I should be playing more often, and this is certainly one of them.
21 Sunshine Lady-Willie Hutch (Motown). Here's another one of those back of the crates 45s. I really love the lush production on this one,
and that harp just makes the hair on the back of my neck stand straight up!
22 40 Acres And A Mule-Sound Experience (Philly Soulville). Here's one of Devil Dick's picks, and quite frankly a monster dose of horn driven funk. Big ups to my hometown for producing this wonderful band...
23 Jan Jan-The Fabulous Counts (Moira). I'll send this one out to a friend of mine who I've been trading emails with recently. She told me that his one brings back memories as it is one of the first 45s she ever bought back in the day.
24 I've Got So Much Trouble In My Mind Pt. 2-Joe Quarterman & Free Soul (GSF). Here's another contribution form Rob...
25 It's All Over Now-Bobby Womack & Bill Withers (United Artists) ...and so is this one.
26 Magic Mountain-Eric Burdon & War (MGM). I dug this one up from the depths again. It was first featured on "Knock'd Da Fukkout" last year, another mix that is currently residing in the recycle bin.
27 Elanor Rigby-The Crusaders (Pacific Jazz). I close with this recent score from the mighty Guru. I really love this record... especially the chord progression throughout.
Please download and enjoy More Of Fufu Stew's Warmed Over Leftovers, 70 MB.
Here's the link to the mp3 file download link
Here's the link to the zip file download link
As always, thanks for having me over Rich! The day will come when the walls of cyberspace get torn down and we can hook up to spin some 45s and rev up some engines...


Anonymous said...

Struggling here with a dialup connection on the job, but I had to drop by and say thanx again and again!

Peace and blessings.

Jon said...

I gotta say, having just downloaded this, I'm in love with pretty much everything in the mix. Great jobs all around.

HeavySoulBrutha DaveB. said...


Hope all is well!!! Have not been through in a while and missed this one. Looks like a scorcher. We all know The Chef drops some amazing concoctions. Big thanks to both of you!!!

Stay Cool My Brutha!!!

Peace and SOUL,

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