iowahawk's coupe of justice

I had the pleasure of spending the other evening with Iowahawk at a swell BBQ session, and for dessert, I had the chance to see and take some shots of the recently completed Coupe of Justice. This is the coolest ride- a 31 coupe that has been modified in the Alexander Bros. vein.

The interior is a work of art, notice the glass shift knob. A Pontiac theme is carried throughout the vehicle, hence both the Poncho wheel and abbreviated dash.

The Poncho theme continues to the engine wherein a Pontiac V-8 dwells.

Notice the 3 mechanical Saaty fuel injectors, apparently these are late 50s vintage and are extremely rare.

Seeing this car only fed my need and desire to have a hot rod of my very own at some point. Especially after having the ride around the block, those injectors really scream.

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