From the land of der Fledermaus, a new 45 rack for the cratedigger shack

I am always on the lookout for good ways to store records. The cardboard boxes from Ikea and elsewhere are OK for long term storage, but what if you want to grab a couple of handfuls of discs to spin, and you don't just want to stack them on a table?

I saw this Pepsi crate calling my name at a garage sale. Each side of the partition is approximately 7.5 inches, so there is some give. My thought is to put a stack of 45s in either side of the crate, and still be able to flip among the discs to pick the next one to play. This set up should allow for browsing, an all too important aspect of spinning these old pieces of vinyl.

I spent about 3 minutes cleaning up the box a bit and then another ten minutes to cut some corrugated cardboard to line the bottom of the box. It turned out nice and is very sturdy. I think it may have been made in 73 based on some markings that I noticed while working on the box.

The Deutschland reference in my post title refers to the fact that the people that I bought the rack from were from Germany and were both very crabby and very inflexible with the garage sale pricing model. They had some records, but nothing even remotely decent, not Krautrock or James Last.

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