Djay 1.2 Very cool Download

I don't have much experience moving a fader between two turntables, but in working on a project I came upon the desire to be able to actually mix the tracks that I am playing with.

I did some searching and came up with this freeware piece called Djay 1.2. I have been playing with this shareware for a couple of days now and I am impressed.

The user selects a track from the list on the right (populated by iTunes) and places the track on one of the platters. The platter begins to spin and the track begins to play. You can also grab the record with the cursor to stall or even scratch the record if so inclined.

I have tried to do some beat matching, but I need a bit more practice. I was able to put two versions of Scorpio on the decks and extend the breaks for quite a long time. This is way easier than trying to accomplish the same thing with two copies of the vinyl record, some headphones and a mixer.

Damn impressive.

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