Donovan BBC Sessions 65-68

Got a dupe of this CD recently. Anyone that has perused this little blog has probably seen my posting related to Donovan Leitch. The tracks that are contained on this wee disc paint a much more folk shade over his work.

This set has OK sound, and includes intros from the late and GREAT John Peel. At times there is pretty heavy tape hiss, such as on the Mad John track. Just don't dig the strings added to this material.

A softer acoustic track like Turquoise seems to be the perfect accompaniment for the first cuppa black tea of the Sunday morning.

But his self penned blues, Bert's Blues might even be better. Elements of fairies and bright green lawns appear when hearing this down home mode. Just Donovan and a dude on bass.
"I been looking for a good girl, but it's taken time."

Hurdy Gurdy Man does not let the listener down. The vocal bridge has a cool special effect into the twinges on a sitar. Then the vocals sound as if they are double tracked. The fuzzed out break is tops, and the warbley vocals pitch a solid stance above the pummeling drums. The tone on that axe is stretched, while still having enough of a low end to not get lost. The intro interview to Hurdy Gurdy Man, Don says that he is tired. Then they let the tape roll of this live performance. I wonder if it is really live? Phenomenal.

Other songs sound too show tunish for me.

Mr. Leitch, when he hits, he hits large, when the strings become too prominent, my ears lose interest. I prefer the softer acoustic sound and of course when Donovan goes "eleckeral." I kept thinking, "What no Atlantis on the set?"

Maybe I am just a fair weather fan, but cherry picking his catalog is apparently what I like to do.


Fabio Borges said...

hi! do you know in which year this Donovan's BBC Sessions was released?

regards from Brasil!

Anonymous said...

Any chance one may be able to download this beauty? I wold be very interested in listening to this.
Email me at chemikes_at_gmail_dot_com