The Bachs Live @ Skokie Valley Jr. High 1967

Wow, a live tape from the Bachs just appeared in my post box. The fidelity is not really that bad considering all that is involved-40 year old tape, garage band, recording technology, and recording at a Jr High. There is hiss and the varying sound levels that would make an audiophile cringe. But hey, I survived through most of the original Pebbles comps.

I wrote about a cdr that I got of their only release Out of the Bachs... a while back, so along with this cdr, I think that you can get pretty much the complete Bachs story. These lads hailed from the Lake Bluff and Lake Forest towns (30 miles north of Chicago) in 66-67 and they attended Lake Forest High School.

There is very little overlap with the material @ Skokie and their LP. Although, they slyly slip You're Mine from the LP into Run for Your Life. The multiple part harmonies come through on this original. The cymbal bashing is epic.

The Bachs intro Fortune Teller as a new track by The Rolling Stones, on Got Live If You Want It. Cool. They also perform an original tune called Silhouetted Summer Dream that doesn't appear on Out of The...

They mine cover material pretty extensively. Live for Today uses their multiple voices pretty well, I think, even though I am not a big fan of the song. The Bachs kick out the jams on Stepping Stone, I can detect a boss guitar tone buried in the "mix." The level of sarcasm and angst in the vocal delivery is most excellent.

That's The Way It Goes takes the festivities in another direction. It starts in a moody mode and then erupts for a few bars of Bachs vocal fury, and then quiets it back down to moodiness. Then there is a guitar break that unfortunately is way down in the mix. The counter to this song is their take on Just Like Me, that shows signs of being a great version. It features a wiggly guitar break, but this song sounds more muffled than some of the others.

Their take on Satisfaction, appears to have the F word thrown in for good (bad?) measure. I wonder if the chaperone heard that?

I think that this tape allows the listener to step back in time to feel and hear what a "real" North Shore garage band sounded like back in 67, and recorded in a school as well. Quite authentic.

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