Reference (HiFi) System meltdown at CD HQ

Gentle readers may note that I recently upgraded to a 1962 Dynaco tube preamp for the reference system.

Over the last weekend, as I was listening, OK, cranking an LP, I think it was a $.10 Temptations Greatest Hits v.1 in "Stereo," a major hum appeared like a flying saucer over a Nebraska corn field. Not a 60 cycle hum, either. The hum was untenable in the phono stage, but was not as apparent in the extra selector position, into which I have my cd player plugged in.

So I did what anyone music freak would do, I listened to more JBs, via a CDR. Specifically "Funky Monorail." What a funk work out, but that is another story.

After 60 minutes or so of cone bending excitement, our friend, the saucer like hum appeared in the extra position. The Dynaco PAS-2 was now grounded.

Send in the Reinforcements

Being a junk hound and a garage sale addict, I recently came across the following:It is a 1973 CR-500 Yamaha Receiver. I am no fan of receivers, excepting late 60s Marantz models, but this one was in near mint condition, and it powered up when I plugged it into a wall outlet (the blue Marantz-esque lights glowed omniously when I switched the unit on).

I was able to bargain down to $9.00. Yes, that's right, $9.00. I got it home and plugged it in, and turned up some 1966 Guess Who sides. It jams.

So now that the Dyanaco needs some medical attention, I grabbed a cold one, the Yamaha, and my trusty back up loudspeakers- a pair of AR 2AXs from 1966.

The Reference system has undergone a severe change:
Notice the Biblical back lighting provided by my window on a sunny day. Also notice the Rath's Lard bucket/ cd rack. My frustrated dog is at the bottom.

Anyway, now I have the Rega 3 turn table and the AMC CD8 plugged into the Yamaha, which is now plugged into the ARs. I set the AMC 3050a integrated and the Monitor Audio Silver Series loudspeakers to the side.

For testing purposes, I got out my Mingus In Europe CD, and turned the receiver up to 5 and let her rip.

My, how the lows and mids came alive on that CD. The loudspeakers are phenomenal. Loud with enough low and mid on Mingus' bass to make screens move in my basement windows.

I couldn't stop listening to music...

The Dyna is in the hospital at Deltronics. That is another post in and of itself.

But the plan now, to to get some upgraded interconnect cables, and plug the Dyna PAS 2 into the main in input on the Yamaha, while I scrounge for a cooler vintage power amp. I know that will sound even better when I need to hear some loud 45s.

Anyone know where I can get an old McIntosh for cheap?

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