Beogram RX2

Despite the name sounding like the latest fad in weight loss, I scored the Beogram RX2 pictured above at a recent estate sale. I will say that this was really an "estate" sale as I felt that I was on set for a British murder mystery production, as I meandered to the secluded address for the sale the other day.

This adventure included, hand drawn no parking signs (I was on foot), yelling/agitated domestic help, barking guard dogs and finely clipped bent grass. But back to our story...

The turntable was a great deal. The features of this piece are pretty incredible. There is a hidden button on the lower right of the unit marked "Play." Put the vinyl disc on the platter and press play. Guess what? The unit also pulls the tone arm off the vinyl when it hits the lock groove on the disk. Folks that saying playing vinyl is too labor intensive, should really check out an old B&O.

Most interesting about the unit is the spindle of the deck. There is a spring acutated large hole 45 spindle, which automatically sinks when a 12 inch (small spindle hole) vinyl LP disk is placed on the platter. It appears to also select the correct speed (45/33) at the same time. I have not started digging through the crates for some 45s to test the auto speed select, though.

Sonically the stylus and cartridge seem to rock as well. Tom Waits Foreign Affairs, moans quite effectively through. I have also listened to Coltrane, The Buzzcocks and Back From The Grave vol 4.

Like every good deal, there has to be a catch...

Since B&O seems to only make audio accessories and other fad related products, they are no longer in the turntable biz. The most excellent sounding MMC3 cartridge is no longer produced. Of course the secondary market has options- upgrade to a more high end new old stock (NOS) cartridge, or look for a rebuilt stylus. Everything sounds good for now, fortunately.

I will just keep my eye out for a replacement stylus in the meantime.

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Beth said...

I just got this turntable and I absolutely love it! It sounds great. There are some custom audio shops that can get you an original stylus or adapt another one for you. Unfortunately expect to pay a ton though. The local place here wants $100 just to look at the thing.