Cratedigger Freakbeat Primer

My buddy over at Iowahawk, recently posted some cool video clips. The ran the gamut of frat/garage/pop, but did not really hit the freakbeat mark as advertised in his blog heading. I did some searching on YouTube and came up with some videos and sent them along.

The term freakbeat has fallen from favor as of late amongst the bearded, bespectacled record collecting set, but generally refers to the brief instance of British/UK/The Continental pop music where mod added feedback, more fuzz on the guitar breaks, but before Hendrix, The Cream et al went the hippie route.

This music is R&B/Blues based, but with a heavy layer of fuzz box finery added to the hip mini skirt/ squared heeled boot style. In a word, the HEIGHT of musical coolness.

Please find some YouTube based videos below:

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