The best $1 I have spent in a while

Mr. Jalopy has the single page pdf pictured above available for $1.00. The title is Mister Jalopy's Pocket Guide to Living and Dying with Modest Automobiles.

It has to be the most practical advice that I have seen in one compact place, when one may be considering joining the ranks of the old used car set.

Having a 40 year old muscle car has had its challenges. Getting stranded and confused has become a larger part of my life. I think that I need to take his advice and move over to the Pertronics electronic ignition. Spark is everything in an old V8.

I have noticed quite an improvement in my ride since I upgraded to an Interstate battery, and an electronic trickle charger. The car starts with the first turn of the starter now.

One area that that he doesn't into too much is tires. I was running some 80s looking bucket head tires on my Stang, and stopping/turning/unintentional burnouts was always a challenge. Now with some new BFGs, blackwalls of course to make it fit the car stylewise, I can turn and stop with nary an issue, burnouts are another issue.

Seriously this is a great read, entertaining and instructional. If I ever have kid, this will be required reading.
Order it here.

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