More 45s

Today, I headed north and scored some more garage winners.
There is a guy up north that always has the solution for a garage jones.

Here are the spoils of battle:

Buckinghams "Don't Want to Cry" USA Baby, yes, the killer. The best 45 on USA Records, the second best being The Cherry Slush. Just think, I saw a reconstituted (horrible) version of this band for the Glenview, Il Centennial. They now play a bland Chicago blue-eyed soul style replete with horns. Eons away in the musically perfect world of 1966, the fuzz and the break combined with the organ on "Cry" will make any garage fan want to break household items. Also these guys were known for a tv spot for the famous Mr. Norm. He was a famous Mopar Chicago car dealer back in the 60s that I am sure Iowahawk has written about. Check out the altered pic above. The Bucks also were the house band for Mr. Norm's dances and socials that he hosted for promotional purposes. Imagine Mopar freaks rocking to this single. The flip is "I'll Go Crazy" by James Brown. I have not gotten around to listening to that side yet.

Guess Who "Believe Me" Scepter Si, that Guess Who. I was exposed to this track on the mostest excellent Wyld Canada comp. (Please boycott the boots on ePay!)
Viva '66. Smoking loud and in your face. Dig the break here, too. Groove to a young Randy Bachman. F BTO!

Trolls "Everyday and Every night" ABC Calling this Chicago area single a killer might be a stretch but solid, along the lines of an inclusion on Coloured Sights and Sounds volume.

Rationals "Leavin' Here" Cameo This DJ copy is pretty hammered, probably VG in quality. Yes, this is the Holland Dozier Holland ditty popularized by the Who and made definitive by Ronnie Wood's Birds. The Rationals give the track a solid reading. Who couldn't dig the 3 chords here?

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check this out... The cherry slush did a reunion in 02....



one of these should work..????

what you saw in Chicago was just the old lead singer of the band...