New Spot for Diggin'

Hey All,

I was very excited to find a new digging spot out in the hinterlands of northern IL, roughly the area that was hit by tornado action earlier this week due to the extremely warm and unseasonable weather here in the scenic Midwest.

For a 35 mile (one way) trip, I think I may have a new place to hit again and again. This place has tons of LPS and upon leaving, I discovered that they also have a lot of 45s that need to be sorted as well. I shall return with the Vestax portable, hopefully on Saturday.

From a quick visit, I came up with the following:

Beau Brummels Laugh Laugh Autumn
Budgie S/t MCA import
Eric Burdon and The Animals The Twain Shall Meet MGM
Chambers Bros. Greatest Hits Columbia
Bill Cosby Why Is There Air? Warners Honestly, I love Cos' 60's comedy. I am hoping to score some of his funk 45s... Hey Hey hey.
Temptations Cloud 9 Gordy

There is a ton of stuff that needs to be in me crates, there, I can feel it.

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