follow up to cratedigger labs with shure whitelabel action

Based on the post below, this is a follow up in getting my 1200s set up for success in the sonic realm.

I got a replacement Shure Whitelabel cartridge and stylus in the mail. This package contained some instructions, which helped me set up the turntables correctly, finally.

I put the new cartridge on the right 1200 which had the quieter cartridge as judged by listening the the loud Ramsey Lewis 45 as described below.

The directions instructed me to take the tonearm off the rest, and then crank the counterweight all the way back so that they tonearm is sticking up in the air, kind of like a seesaw with a fat kid on one side. Then, I turned the counterweight so that it was "floating" just above the Material record that I had on the platter. I then set the dial on the tonearm to the zero setting. Next I moved the counterweight so there was 2 grams of force on the tonearm. I then spun the Material LP and it tracked perfectly. It's sonic output was also boosted, so my replacement is deemed a success.

I then set up the left 1200 with the counterweight set up as described above. I tracked a Tangerine Dream LP from 75 and it tracked perfectly as well.

A successful day in the lab, after a 60 mile road trip in the funkwagon in search of more vinyl.


Vincent the Soul Chef said...

Hey Rich. Does that work with turntables other than 1200s? I'd like to try that with mine, even if I am only using low grade Stanton cartridges... anything to get even the scratchiest 45s to play somewhat properly.

thisistomorrow said...

hi there... the best thing you can do about that is to buy special packs of cartridges like ortofon or stanton twin packs. they call them twin packs, because the two cartridges are matched.