Weekend Wicker Park Scores

Over the weekend, Saturday to be exact, I took the train to Chicago and spent a few hours in the sun looking for vinyl.

I came up with the following 45s on the right:

Sorrows "No No No/Verde Rosso Giallo Blu" which is one of the bootlegs that is floating around, but has an attempt at appearing legit via the Pye label on the center.

Beatles "Nowegian Wood" EP. While not being much of a Beatles person, I do like both "Paperback Writer" and "Day Tripper" which appear on this disc. I believe it to be an original from Austrailia, it is on Parlaphone and has the small center hole, which I believe to be correct. The pic sleeve is somewhat yellow with age and looks to be 40 years old as well.

I also picked up a "Giants of The Organ" double LP on Groove Merchant from '73 and a Bobby Blue Bland LP which includes "Pity the Fool," which the sleeve says was performed on American Band Stand...

Seems like jazz, blues and soul vinyl is easier to dig and find things as opposed to rock or '60s which always seems picked over and to be over representing '70s and clASSic rock.

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