Today is a rainy day... Listen to the Pretty Things

It is in the 40s outside with an 80% chance of rain. Seems like the perfect time to listen to SF Sorrow by The Pretty Things.

Let me go get me wool sweater and my cup of tea. I clicked over to Sonic Pollutions and as a coincidence, there was quite the feature on the Pretties and SF Sorrow. Tip of the headcoat for the link to the pic on the right.

SP gives a great rundown on the set up in '67 for the creation of SF Sorrow. He alludes to the Emotions sessions, ringed in by horn arrangements that helped them to get off the Fontana label and their subsequent move to EMI.

This got them into the Abbey Road studios at the same time as The Beatles were recording Magical Mystery Tour and The Pink Floyd were tracking Piper At The Gates of Dawn.

I read somewhere in the past, that the Pretties even "borrowed" George Harrison's sitar as their recording required it.

Sorrow was released at the same time in 68 as The White Album by EMI. You can guess the results for The Pretties.

Do your self a favor and head to Sonic Pollutions and read, and check out the video from 1998.

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The Baz said...

Thanks for the praise! Great to know theres many Pretty Things fans out there!

Indeed, George Harrisons' Sitar was utilised was Lennons' Mellotron during the making of "Sorrow". They wre mates with The Beatles since they'd encounter each other a lot in the early days in clubs. Lennon would often pop his head into the Abbey Road canteen to say "Hi" to the lads.

As they remark in the DVD, there was nowhere better in the world to be at that time than in Abbey Road and indeed they certainly put the staff through their paces, enabling them to come up with the great stuff we know and love.

Wish I could have been there myself! Exciting times!
Best Wishes,