Hustle- The official show of Cratedigger

I will admit it. I hate TV. The only TV that I can stand is programming from the UK.

Hustle is an excellent show that I have been catching via tape delay. Basically, it is an ensemble-casted show that follows the travails of a group of grifters in London.

It has excellent writing, superb acting, and I noticed that the cinematography is quite good as well.

There are some more psychotronic sequences mixed in, too. The ep that I viewed last night had the character Danny Blue performing an historical scam from the '20s. This vignette was filmed in b/w with scrachy film effects and used the silent film method of showing diologue via cards interspersed between shots. Also Hustle uses a music video type film technique when the grifters are performing a scam- like stealing a painting or something.

If you have not seen this one, check it out.

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