Texas- Location of Today's Tune

I have been a fan of Billy Gibbons, collector of many a cool ride and facial hair for many years.

I guess I am not that much a fan of ZZTop, but I like his guitar style, picking with a quarter, and having Rich Beck from Tempe AZ, working on his guitars. He was an obvious influence on Curt Kirkwood.

I also like some of the cars that he has. I am not talking Cadzilla, but more like the 32 Ford that he got a year or two back from Rudy Rodriguez or the Slampala pictured above.

For his music, I prefer his garage band, The Moving Sidewalks.
I have had a digital copy of their song "The 99th Floor" for a few years and it ranks as one of my frantic faves.

Yesterday, I received a comp called "Sounds From The Other Side." It contains, the track "Need Me."

In a word the song rocks. That is why it is my song choice of the day.

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