Raleigh Grand Prix Update

Well, The Grand Prix project that I started on earlier this year has had some upgrades. I ordered a black Brooks B17 saddle, so that went on the bike. On Friday I put some nice Schwalbe white wall tires (along with new tubes and cloth rim tape) on the bike.

Both of these items had a major positive effect on riding this bike. The position is perfect and the seating is improved as well. The white walls also set off the black and white on the frame.

The pic above was taken (with a Blackjack2 smart phone) at the beach.

All is not perfect, as I noticed a weird feeling in the top of the pedal stroke on the left pedal. I removed the pedal and put a Campy one on for a AB test and the feeling was still there, I know nothing about bottom brackets, but I have a feeling that my issue is due to something down there. Bummer.

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Anonymous said...

Hey man,

I have the same bike as you, down to the color of the paint. Its awesome to see someone else restoring their old Raleigh. In regards to your "feeling" in the left peddle, a similar issue on my bike was caused by a worn out cotter bolt. This is the bolt running perpendicular to the bottom bracket axle through the crank arm. Chances are that if you have a wobble, the pin may come out easily, which helps with the next step. The prescribed remedy is to replace the cotter bolt with a new one, although as i found out, replacement bolts are not easy to come by. Tightening the nut helped me for a while. See Sheldon Brown's article on cottered cranks for more info.