New Mix--The Waite

This mix was a ton of fun to mix live powered by Iced Tea as the humidity lays its sloppiness over the area.

The title is a reference to a family name, but it could also refer to the weight of the hunidity here as well. The cover model is my faithful pet, known as Chooch.

I tried to keep it pretty funky in general, even when the soul is in the house, I still leaned to the funky side. Many of the 45s in this baker's dozen set are DJ items with both stereo and mono mixes, in which case the mono mix was consistently selected over the stereo. Many of the discs have been on the mental want list for quite some time, so it was most excellent to finally score some of these and get to spin them for y'all.

As per usual all of these original 45s were mixed live in cratedigger labs on the 1200s.

Please leave a comment, and let me know your thoughts!

Some random notes:

  • Rasputin's Stash is a great Chi band, glad to finally get a copy of one of their 45s.

  • I am a sucker for Andre Williams, and the '69 track shows him in fine Chitown funky finery.

  • The Charles Wright was found in a dirty pile of records recently and I was able to clean it up so that it sounds pretty good. Freaking love that quiet intro!

  • Funky Meters- really swinging track there.

  • Try it Again is Byrd in the funkiest. The mono mix is LOUD here. Love the horn charts over the guitar. RIP Bobby!

  • Spill The Wine was a request from Heavy Soul Brutha Dave. It is a rather surreal version of said track. Lalo was the man. Killer use of Moog noodling in there.

The Waite Tracklist

01 Your Love Is Certified Rasputin's Stash (Cotillion) Mono
02 My Part Make It Funky Pt. 4 James Brown (Polydor)
03 It's Gonna Be Fine in '69 Andre Williams (Checker)
04 What Can You Bring Me Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd St Band (Warners)
05 King Kong Pt.1 Jimmy Castor Bunch (Atlantic) Mono
06 Get Ready Rare Earth (Rare Earth)
07 Good Old Funky Music The Meters (Josie) Mono
08 Cold Blooded The Bar-Kays (Volt)
09 Mighty Mighty Children Pt.1 Baby Huey & The Babysitters (Curtom)
10 Here Comes The Judge Pigmeat Markham (Chess)
11 (I Got) So Much Trouble In My Mind Joe Quarterman & Free Soul (GSF)
12 Try It Again Bobby Byrd (Kwanza) Mono
13 Spill The Wine Lalo Schifrin (MGM)

Download here


HeavySoulBrutha DaveB. said...


Damn, this is a SMOKIN' selection of tunes! Really, REALLY dig that first one by R. Stash. The King Kong song is a riot. Can't believe I'd never heard that one. And thanks so much for the Schif version of Spill The Wine. LOVE IT! Big massive horns!! ACES!!

Drop by when you get the time as I too was in a FUNK mood and posted up a little 30min blast you might be in to.

Peace and SOUL,

Vincent the Soul Chef said...

Hey Rich, Congratulations on the Joe Quarterman score; I know you've been looking for that one for a while. The mix looks good, especially with the monaural sides.

Glad you liked my Hammond Opus. The mix was inspired by a couple of posts done over at the Licorice Pizza blog.
I hope that the download links still work....

This post was also a monster selection... again, I hope the links still work. The posts are kind of old.

Also, congratulations on scoring that awesome reciever. I used to own an old Lafayette model frorm the mid 70s but it finally went up on me. I still love my old hi fi though...

Keep on keeping on mon frer...

Peace and blessings.

sexy said...