United Travel Service Gypsy Eyes

I came across this track on the recent compilation that was distroed on GaragePunk Forums called Extra Terrestrial Sojourn #2. Garagebeatnik, made a nice sounding comp. You are in his listening room, feeling the needle drop on each disc.

I know nothing about this except, this catalog number Ridon 860. An online resource dates this 45 to 68. "Gypsy Eyes" looks to be previously uncomped as well.

Please find a button below to hear or d/l a 160kbps file.

The start with the jangle punctuated by the bass drum kick is quite cool. I like story songs from this point in time, like Fortune Teller. "Those eyes... sharp as a knife."

The guitar break is brief, swirling and distorted, but keeps breaking under the vocal.

I think that you will dig it. A moody track for a rainy day in Chicago.

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Dale Sweetland said...

I was the drummer with the UTS for the duration of the group, members consisted of the core, Ben Hoff, John Reeves, and myself Dale Sweetland. We used a few different bass players depending on availability, Ray Doern was primary, we also used Steve Bennet, Jim Roberts, and Ben played on one of the 45's. We were released through Rust Records in NY, a division of Laurie Records. Ben went on to become a NY best sellers list author "Tao of Pooh", etc...we did one concert with "The Doors" at Gill Coliseum in Corvallis, we were pretty loosly organized and young and made no money from the recordings. I'm thrilled that you dig the cut Gypsy Eyes, check out www.last.fm for more cuts as well as 2 unreleased songs. We still have quite a following in Western Europe, UK,France,Germany,etc...contact me at dale@talktek.net for any questions. Thanks for your interest, D...drummer of your mind