Funky Shout Outs--Some Mixes to pass the week

Since I have a few minutes this morning, I wanted to give some shouts out to some other blogs that are doing the funky work, to make our weeks roll a bit more smoothly with good tunage:

First up, Vincent at Fufu Stew has a new mix called Fufu Funk Fix #2.

Next, this is tomorrow has a set up called 30 min funk workout mix #2.

Dave at heavy soul brutha has a set called Caplog Meets Soul Brutha Mod Radio UK Show.

All of these sets should put some more glide in your stride, support these blogs!


thisistomorrow said...

thanks for the link to my blog... keep up the good work... mike

SoulBrutha #1-Dave Beasley (Proud Splinters Member since 95) said...

You shout, they come. Nice one!! Thanks so much. All the best to you and stay groovy!!
Peace and SOUL,