"I'm Moving On" The Evil

I received a comp in the mail yesterday. There are a number of garage killers on it, but the standout is definitely "I'm Moving On" by The Evil from Florida. It has everything that defines killer garage punk, urgent vocals, stomping tempo, tough guitar buzz and even the requisite Back From The Grave style scream. This particular track was never released back in 1966.

Here is the story from JeffMiami, the source of the track:

"The Evil acetate came from a band member. The first time I heard it, I nearly passed out. It's that amazing. It was used on the Evil/Montells comp on Corduroy, but in "cleaned up sound". That same master was passed along to Norton. This is its first appearance direct from the vinyl demo, with no enhancement.

In 1966, Evil won the Dade County Youth Fair Battle of the Bands, and as a result they won time at Bobby Dukoff Studios (the same place where the Nightcrawlers album was cut). The band had very little time, so they pretty much did four songs in one take. Much of "I'm Movin' On" was worked out on the spot.

The four songs were "I'm Movin' On", "I Know I'll Die" (heard on "Jeff's Moody Monsters"), "From A Curbstone", and "Always Runnin' Around". None of the songs came out at the time. A few months later, the band (with a few new members) went into Criteria Studios and recorded "Whatcha Gonna Do About It". Unlike the one-take Dukoff sessions, the band spent many hours working on "WGDAI, and didn't get to record a B-side. No problem. "Always Runnin' Around" was placed on the flip, even though it featured a different rhythm guitarist, bass player, and drummer.

The band broke up and no one thought much about the acetates. A couple of decades later, when I was researching my book, one of the band members found "I'm Movin' On" b/w "I Know I'll Die", and graciously gave it to me. As for how I felt when I first heard it... disbelief! Nothing could be that great, could it? Both sides!"

I have been cranking this in the car as well as on the reference system. It is the best garage track I've heard yet this month.

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Andras said...

Great post! "I'm Movin' On" is truely a garage / protopunk classic.

John Doyle, lead singer of The Evil, has this to say about it:

"...'I'm Movin' On' had been a couple of cords, and a title, nothing more. On the way to the studio we realized we need another song, and it was written on the way to the studio. I had a terrible cold that day, and that could account for the attitude on it. But yes, it was written in about 5-10 minutes, and you can hear the mistakes in the words as I was reading them... 'I'm Movin' On' and a few others sat in my closet for years as scratchy old demo's until I gave them to Rock Historian Jeff Lemlich to keep in his collection. I never thought they'd be released..."

Love your blog -- keep up the good work!

Andras, former guitarist / singer for the garage revivalist project THEE DIRTYBEATS