CD @ Chicago Critical Mass

I finally made it to a Chicago Critical Mass last Friday. I think the turnout must have been around 600-800 cyclists. The turnout was insane.

I bumped into the long lost Quisp. I have not seen him for almost 20 years, in fact the last time I saw him, he was on Oprah, yelling at her in the early 90s when I resided in AZ.

The first two pictures give an idea to what it like to be in a procession of hundreds of bikes in Chicago's Loop at the end of August at around 6 PM.

The third picture from the top gives a poor idea of what a tall bike looks like (the guy with the beret to the right of the guy with the back pack in the center), but there were quite a few on this ride.

The last two pics show the gathering before the ride.

One of the most memorable events was when a scruffy tall bike rider, parked in front of a CTA bus and just leaned up against the windshield. The bus driver looked like he was going to pitch a fit, but luckily for him a Chicago Police Officer showed up and honked his siren and floashed his lights. The tall biker, ran into the mass of cyclists and took off. The officer gave no chase.

I ended up losing a PlanetBike tail light and a Bell helmet. It was an awesome time.

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