Amber Gambler-33 Chevy Coupe

I mentioned this awesome car in passing in my Gasser post a while back, but finally got around to posting some pics. This '33 is running a Nailhead, possibly one of my fave engines, next to a SBF 289 cu. The engine looks especially cool jammed into the firewall. The iron cross on the moon tank in front of the grill shell did nothing to hurt the looks either, in my book.

The '70s brown vinyl on the running boards and in the roof, was kind of hard to look at though. I guess the '70s were all about the earth tones.

The lettering on the door says 1974 AHRA C/MP Class Winner. I don't recall the exact et this car ran, but I think it was a high 10 second car. These old cars are so much cooler than carbon fiber, hemi destroying modern NHRA machines. I can't get enough.

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