Back From The Depths-- Cratedigger Knocking Shop Mix

Hey All.

Sorry I have been MIA. I have been traveling to pay the bills. but trying to get some digging in wherever my travels have taken me.

I also experienced the loss of my trusty mac book, so that has been a bit of a setback.

In celebration, I have gone deep into the cratedigger vault to assemble a mix of art rock that I call the knockingshop.

I am sure that I will catch some grief for this, but I don't really care. As long as the music is weird, the guitars(sometimes) are loud, and the end result doesn't verge too close to prog, I am pretty comfortable with the genre.

For me, art rock seems to spin around the central hub of Brian Eno. He (or his direct influence) touches many of the tracks on knockingshop. He performs, directs and sometimes produces various items on this sonic menu.

Adrian Belew is another character that has his sonic fingerprints all over the mix. His wailing guitar stylings are a hallmark of artrock as well, methinks.

All of the tracks were gathered from original LPs that I had collected in various crates around the homestead. I had a lot of fun taking a trip down memory lane putting this one together. Hope you dig it.

Here is the tracklist:

cratedigger knockingshop

01 DJ David Bowie
02 Lone Rhino Adrian Belew
03 Third Uncle Eno
04 Man Machine Kraftwerk
05 Worlds in Collision Jerry Harrison
06 Cars Gary Numan
07 Miss Shapiro Phil Manzanera / 801
08 Cross Eyed & Painless Talking Heads
09 Trash Roxy Music
10 Neil & Jack & Me King Crimson

Download here


Vincent the Soul Chef said...

Judging by the inclusion of the Eno track (Third Uncle), I suppose you are (were) also a goth fan? If so, we must talk turkey about it sometime. I am working on some mixes in that genre that may or may not interest you.

That Heavy Weight Crates blog is pretty good, huh?

rb said...

Hey Soul Chef,
No love for the goth here, though I do like Third Uncle, and I admit that I have the Sky's Gone Out by Bauhaus, which may be part of the goth connection about which you speak.

I am always interested in hearing your mixes, your crates are deep, Brother!

Stay cool,

ndrew2000 said...

Look!!! I'm reading your goddam blog. I just found an interesting Eno import called Dali's Car. It's only got 6 tracks-5 from a couple of BBC sessions credited to Brian Eno and the Winkies, from 1974 and 1 track with 801 at the REading festival in 1976. I'm listening to it now and it is as awesome as you would expect.