The Stooges Congress Theatre Chicago 4.15.07


Jim Osterberg, (Igster) really defeats any preconceived notions about age. He is crazy, animated onstage, and he is at least 20 years older than me and he runs about and stagedives like someone in their early 20s.

I am still breathless after seeing the Stooges. Ron, Rock Action and "Minuteman" Mike Watt put on one of the best shows that I have ever seen. This is no nostalgia act.

I have to type a few words about the opener and featuring the knob twister for the latest Stooges CD, which I have yet to hear. Opening for the Stooges is like opening for James Brown. Not good. It seemed like M. Weston, on bass felt as much. M. Trainor on the small drum kit was hitting them quite hard and seemed like he wanted to perform for the hometown Shellac fans. As a whole there just wasn't enough oomph there for me. The handpuppet and questions from the audience went over like an inebriated Letterman.

Back to business, Iggy and the Stooges came out and started everything out with Loose. I was jumping up and down to the point that the rustic Thai food that I had feasted on an hour prior to the show was becoming a bit unruly in my stomach. To say that I was able to see Loose performed live by the originals (sans the late Dave Alexander, RIP) in a most convincing manner was unbelievable. I never thought that I would have the opportunity to see this!

Material was centered on the first LP, Funhouse and the new LP. I guess Raw Power is a sore point with Ron Asheton, I am just guessing here. For me Funhouse is the best followed by the self-titled LP, so leaving Raw Power out of the setlist was not a big deal.

TV Eye, was also performed after the lights went up and Iggy declared, "I can see you."

One of the more bizarre events of the evening was when at least 50 audience members jumped up onstage for Real Cool Time. I was standing next to a diminutive guard who could only shake his head at the spectacle.

The Congress Theater is an old joint from the 20s I am guessing. I don't think that I have been there since the 80s. Most alarming upon entry was the fact that they are using Portapotties as the toilets in this joint. All I could think of is that a regular payoff to city inspectors must occur to allow a venue without sufficient plumbing to stay open and sell beer to music fans. Quite odd even in a city that seems to embrace and celebrate the odd and crooked. It truly was a cool place to see The Stooges. The crowd seemed to support this as there were faces that I have not seen at a show in many years.

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