The Five Americans Dont You Dare Blame Me

Here is an HBR (#468) single that I picked up over the weekend at a location to remain unidentified. According to the 'Americans discog, this was released in the halcion year of 66, also the best year of the Ford Mustang, but I digress.

Don't You Dare Blame Me starts up with a great tweaked intro freaky warbled organ, that busts into a stomper- this one driven by a stomping bass line...

It has one cool disorted break that ends and the trebly organ comes up and does a break.

"Dont Blame Me for What you've done," the vocals proclaim. The song ends quite abruptly. The mood served up by the track is altered and odd. The lads seem a bit off here.

Shocking how much the a side EVOL Not Love sucks. It charted as high as the Top 40, according to thier site. This is truly a single sided record, but kills it in that regard. Flip this one over and groove, easily the best song they tracked.

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