Critical Mass Chicago 3.30.07

What a perfect night it was for Critical Mass here in Chicago. There was quite the turnout. I would say that there were 4-500 people on the Mass.

Team Cratedigger rider looks on towards a large bevy of riders on Washington that is not visible in the shot.

Here is an action shot of a girl that was mad that she might be late, as she turned north on Michigan Ave off of Wacker Drive. If you look closely you can see her reaching for the horn button on her hooptie. To the right of me was a tourbus that was stopped on the bridge as a rider parked his bike in front of the bus and took videos of the driver and passenger reaction to his action. Entertainment at its' finest.

The ride also made its way down Illinois towards Navy Pier and then back up Grand.

Here is another challenged shot where I am shooting while riding, heading south past CroBar on Kingsbury. The stretch of the ride right befrore this, where we were riding west on North Ave, was replete with many a Beamer and irritated Benz driver. We laughed and wished everyone a happy Friday as we "beat" them in the "traffic race."

This was a great ride, and even though the weather looked threatening as I got misted while riding to the Metra prior to the ride, everything held out for a perfect night of bike riding in the city.

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