The reference system is Back!

The Pas 2 Pre Amp is back in effect. The issues that I was having were related to the power supply which Mike Del Valle at DelTronics rectified.

All was well until, I put some garage tunes on this past Saturday. The unit failed to get power. Needless to say, my Saturday listening session was crushed.

Tonight after a couple of beers (Delerium Tremens and Triple Carmelite) at the HopLeaf, we paid another visit to Mike. He looked at the unit (not at me) and asked, "whatsamatter?"

To which I answered, "The unit is not getting any power."

Mike shuffled off and in 10 minutes came back and said, "You're all set. I replaced the power cord."

I am having a cup of tea and cranking the most excellent Noreaster 2 comp. All is well chez Cratedigger.

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